BREAKING: China Exposed In Shocking US Conspiracy - Could Be Next Door To You...

July 18, 2022

Trump-endorsed Blake Masters says that China buying American land is "obscene" and should be banned.

"Masters, who is running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Arizona, called to ban acquisitions of American land by Chinese Communist Party-affiliated entities," reported Breitbart.

"It’s obscene that we would allow Chinese Communist Party stooges to profit off our resources," said Masters.

"These are basic mistakes a serious country would never make," Masters added. "They are flooding us with fentanyl, launching cyber attacks, stealing our IP, and our current crop of failed leaders seems more or less OK with it. That needs to change."

"Masters shared a tweet earlier that day about a former general in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, who is reported to own 200 square miles of land near Laughlin Air Base in Texas, commenting, 'We are going to make this illegal,'" reported Breitbart.

In December 2021, Masters expressed concern about the Chinese regime’s activities in the American economy:

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