BREAKING: Bombshell Video Exposes Election Rigging - America In SHOCK

September 17, 2022

Actor Laurence Fox of "My Son Hunter" fame has finally had enough of Hunter Biden and the rest of his family.

Not only the actions of the family, but the constant actions of the media designed to do nothing but cover up the Biden flaws whether it be Joe, Jill, or Hunter.

Laurence Fox thinks that the amount that the liberal media constantly prohibits conservative ideas from being spread qualifies "essentially as election rigging."

"So it’s pretty terrifying, isn’t it, that big tech have this power. And, bearing in mind, that there was four years from 2016 of the Democrats saying Trump had only gotten in on Russian collusion… whatever your views are on Trump, it was pretty underhanded play," he said.

"So then to find out that big tech had then censored this — like Twitter stopped showing the New York Post story and [Mark] Zuckerberg de-boosting it — that is essentially, I’m not sure what the word you could use for it other than election rigging."

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