BREAKING: Bill Clinton Makes Stunning Police Admission - Nation Didn't Expect This...

October 2, 2022

Former President Donald Trump warned Democrats that "defund the police and socialism" could damage their chances of victory in November's midterm elections.

During a Georgetown University symposium on Thursday, Clinton stated, "You can't go around complaining that people are violating democratic norms when the voters are rewarding them for it, either by staying home or being distracted by last-minute scare tactics. I mean, we lost the last two weeks of the 2020 election on defund the police and socialism, and that was our fault. We shouldn't let that happen."

Clinton's moment of honesty was unexpected at a time when many Democrats seem to be doubling down on their radical stances.

Defunding the police as a platform is extremely unpopular, and Clinton seems to have recognized that.

Clinton continued saying, "And it's difficult for us to realize that we can't beat them with the same strategy they beat us with, because we have a broader coalition. And the people in the middle, especially like suburban, middle-class voters, upper-middle-class voters, they're easy to split, because they've got something to lose. So all they have to do is sit around and think about what will scare them with this election."

Clinton's warning comes too late as Americans are furious with Democrats and President Biden and will likely vote accordingly in November.

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