BREAKING: Bill Clinton Confirms Fragile Report - Can't Do It

September 27, 2022

Former President Bill Clinton told Tom Hanks during History Talks on A&E that democracy is fragile right now and must be saved.

“What’s more important? Our common humanity or differences?” Clinton said on stage, according to reports. “And what works better to build the kind of future we all want? Does cooperation work better or is everything a zero-sum game?”

“Life is not a zero-sum game," he answered his own question. "Football is a zero-sum game — I’ve already watched one game today. I hope it’s not true, but it may be true that saving our democracy is just a zero-sum game because democracy is fragile right now.”

Of course, Clinton is shilling for his party and furthering the narrative that President Joe Biden and others have tried to put out there in recent weeks that Republicans are dangerous.

The truth is that Democrats are the dangerous ones, risking the destruction of the entire country and the American way of life for their dubious "agenda." If democracy is fragile, it is entirely because of Democrats, not Republicans.

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