BREAKING: Biden's Military Caught OVERRIDING Doctors - Soldiers Punished..

July 11, 2022

Sean Timmons, a military law expert at Tully Rinckey and former Army JAG, exposed the Biden Administration and the Department of Defense for overriding doctors who gave medical exemptions for Covid-19 vaccines.

Furthermore, Timmons raised the possibility that the DOD is behaving in an illegal manner to pressure soldiers into getting vaccinated.

Timmons told The Star News Network, "By just having a doctor rubber-stamp whatever action the command wants is not complying with his ethical duty to provide care independent of duress from unethical actors. That to me is wholly unlawful because you're removing the patient and provider privilege and you're removing the ethical concern the doctor has as a duty to treat a patient."

The Biden Administration has done everything in its power to force vaccination on Americans and those serving in the armed forces have gotten the worst of it.

Timmons continued saying, "The COVID-19 vaccine directive to take the shot that's being provided at this time is an unlawful order because it is a medication, not really a vaccine. The medication is experimental and it is not effective to the extent advertised."

Timmons has been one of many figures working to defend the rights of troops who do not want to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Hopefully, that work will turn into a movement that will come back to hit the Biden Administration where it hurts.

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