BREAKING: Biden's Deadly Military Scheme Just Revealed [Developing]

October 10, 2022

President Joe Biden is escalating the U.S. military's involvement in Syria as special forces conducted a raid on Thursday to eliminate an Islamic State weapons smuggler.

The operation was the 2nd one in 24 hours in areas controlled by the Syrian central government.

By all counts, the operation was a success as no soldiers or U.S. allies were injured, and no civilians were killed or injured. Eliminating ISIS assets while incurring no losses or collateral damage is certainly a big win.

This raid was certainly an escalation as it was the first time that U.S. forces have operated in territory controlled by the regime led by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A statement from U.S. Central Command, otherwise known as CENTCOM, stated over "1,000 hours of intelligence collection" had gone into planning the raid on Thursday.

What remains to be seen is how increasing U.S. military activity will go over with the regime in Damascus. Syria's close relationship with Russia could complicate things, especially if President Biden continues to escalate.

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