BREAKING: Biden's BURIED Secret Uncovered - Look What He's Been Hiding...

August 27, 2022

There are a LOT of problems that Joe Biden has caused over the course of the last year?

Could it all just be a distraction to take away from his BIGGEST crime, the premature evacuation in Afghanistan?

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, thinks that just may be the case.

According to him, Biden is trying to "bury the Afghanistan debacle in history."

"It’s another example of President Biden’s disgraceful weakness that is threatening us not just in Afghanistan but all around the world," Cotton began. "Today is the one-year anniversary of the tragic suicide bombing in Afghanistan that killed 13 of our brave troops [and] hundreds of innocent civilians. One of those Marines had ties to Arkansas, Taylor Hoover. I remember meeting his family last year at the memorial service for him. I want to offer my prayers, my condolences to all of those we lost and their families and their loved ones. This was a tragedy, but it was also more than a tragedy. It was a strategic disaster of the first order."

"It all goes back to Joe Biden and the way he projects weakness," Cotton concluded. "That weakness was on display most notably in Afghanistan, and this latest story about refusing to identify this potential bomber is just another example of how they want to bury the Afghanistan debacle in history. Unfortunately, it’s going to be living with us for as long as Joe Biden is president."

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