BREAKING: Biden Resignation Bombshell Shocks Democrat Party - White House Is..

August 25, 2022

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about what is happening to the Democrat Party leading up to 2022 midterms.

Their losing their soldiers.

With the knowledge that liberals are about to get stomped in midterms, many of them are simply abandoning Biden's government, unwilling to serve in a space where they will not have complete and total freedom to run amok.

In other words, they're going to follow the path of Fauci.

Ruin the country for a while, then ride off into the sunset when it's time to take responsibility.

Kevin McCarthy is going to be one of those demanding accountability, though.

How many in the Biden "administration will resign before we come to power in January, the Homeland Security secretary or others? The Democrats have been deceiving the American public, so Republicans are going to demand accountability. I remember being in the Situation Room when President Trump was in office, COVID had just hit, and Dr. Fauci told me nobody should be wearing a mask."

"It actually could cause you to get COVID because of the humidity created around it. Then he went from wearing a mask to two masks and others. I just have one rule of thumb. I really don’t trust anyone who keeps a mural of themselves in their office. Those types of individuals should have to come and answer questions."

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