BREAKING: Biden Mental Fitness Takes DIVE Behind Closed Doors - Here's Truth...

October 25, 2022

Joe Biden has a long road ahead of him. I'm not talking just in the polls, or midterm elections, or anything else political.

The biggest battle in the world might be right between his own ears. What's going on in there? Is he alert? Is her aware?

America has no way of knowing these things because Joe Biden's handlers won't let us get close enough to him to truly find out. Every time a reporter gets Biden without a teleprompter, some member of his family or staff is there to tote him away.

Even Democrats are getting nervous about Joe's mental abilities. At a recent Democrat National Committee speech, Joe Biden struggled to complete his thoughts. Sure, everyone can have a bad day public speaking once in a while, but this man is the PRESIDENT. He can't afford to be off his game.

But he is. Almost every day. It's gotten so bad, even Democrats are admitting it.

Check it out at the link below.

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