BREAKING: Biden Linked To Pelosi Family Scandal - Media Isn't Reporting...

August 10, 2022

Sure, Joe Biden's son is literally a criminal and a drug addict, but there's another liberal propelling their family to the title of most hated clan in America:

Nancy Pelosi.

We know about her husband's DUI.

We know about her husband's illegal insider trading.

But people can't figure out for the life of them what her son was doing with her on her recent trip to Taiwan.

To America's horror, we've learned that Pelosi's son is currently being utilized as a "consultant."

You know what that means:

He's working those Hunter Biden hours.

Jesse Watters of Fox News said that Pelosi Jr.'s "consulting" reminds him of the Biden's business dealings.

He was speaking to Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer, who responded by saying "This is a particularly cynical and galling move by the Pelosis. First of all, as you pointed out, Paul Pelosi Sr., Nancy’s husband, has been under scrutiny for insider trading issues the stock trades. He has to, of course, disclose his finances because he is the spouse of Nancy Pelosi. Your adult children do not need to disclose their financial transactions. So, it seems like they switched attention to their son’s commercial activities. To put even a tighter note on this, Jesse, look at what is happening here. Nancy Pelosi is flying to the Asian Pacific region as the entire region is nervous and scared about the looming threat posed by China. You have got the Speaker of the House coming in with a couple of other Democrats. They certainly want to have her good favor, and all of a sudden, her son is along for the trip. He is not a foreign policy adviser. He has no background, looking for business deals. This is what you call leverage. This is the sort of stuff you would expect from the Mafia, where you kind of create a demand for your own services. The kind of services that Paul Pelosi Jr. is offering are very reminiscent of Hunter Biden’s, by the way. They are vague. They are consulting are offering advisory services. They don’t actually have some product they are trying to sell. It’s particularly a galling and cynical move. I applaud you for covering this because the rest of the mainstream media is totally ignoring this story."

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