BREAKING: Biden Hiding HUGE Secret About Who's Been Inside His House - GOP Goes Nuclear

October 24, 2022

The Biden administration has a HUGE secret and the Republican Party is exposing them.

"Republicans reacted to the White House dodging questions on the reportedly nonexistent visitor logs from President Biden’s Delaware home," reported Fox.

"A recent New York Post report revealed that the Secret Service claimed to have no records on the identities of visitors to the president’s home in Delaware," according to Fox.

"Fox News Digital asked the White House if they have records of who has met with the president at his Delaware home and if the administration would release them," reported Fox.

"If no such records exist, Fox News Digital asked, why is the White House not keeping track of who is meeting the president?" reported Fox News.

The White House has repeatedly dodged the questions.

"President Biden is proud to lead the most transparent administration in American history, and to have restored the practice of releasing visitors logs after it was discontinued by his predecessor," said Andrew Bates, White House spokesperson.

"We also respect that it’s always the role of evenhanded news outlets to advocate for more transparency," Bates continued.

"Are you able to show me the articles Fox ran asking the Trump Administration for visitors to the White House, and for his private properties?" he asked.

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