BREAKING: Biden Forgets Incredibly Simple Fact - What a Joke...

October 18, 2022

You're going to think that I'm joking, but I'm not.

Joe Biden doesn't know what century he's in.

He was trying to talk about what happened to Medicare patients in 2022.

Instead, he referred to the current year as "1922." He never took the time to correct himself.

"Look, in 1922 the price for one blood pressure drug that millions of Medicare patients — beneficiaries — rely on went up one — went up by 500 percent," he said.

If it really is 1922, then we have a lot to look forward to next year. If we're lucky, somebody might invent the traffic signal.

Even the White House's official website had to correct Biden, writing in the event's transcript that Biden meant 2022.

"I don’t want to take too much of your — more of your time, but this is — this is one of the reasons I got involved in politics 800 years ago," Biden told the audience. I'm really not sure if he was joking or not.

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