BREAKING: Biden Embarrassed After He Got CAUGHT LOOKING - We Have The Proof...

September 18, 2022

President Joe Biden dropped in on an auto show in Detroit, Michigan, on Wednesday and was caught looking at an Orange gas-powered Chevrolet Corvette.

Accompanied by General Motors CEO Mary Barra, the President was enamored with the admittedly gorgeous vehicle.

However, the President's gazing was in stark contrast to his mission to promote electric vehicles.

The President test drove several cars including the electric Cadillac Lyriq. His comments on it were illuminating as he told those present, "It's a beautiful car. But I love the Corvette."

No one is blaming the President for enjoying a beautiful car, but they will be blaming him when he preaches on the necessity of electric vehicles and the evils of fossil fuels.

President Biden, like the rest of the elite, wants to see Americans without power and stripped of all luxury. The President wants to drive his gas-guzzling Corvette while the little people can't afford gasoline.

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