BREAKING: Biden Crime Family Report Released - Here's What They're Hiding...

October 8, 2022

In a place like New York where liberals are circling like piranhas, a good conservative sticks out like a sore thumb.

Loving freedom, loving the constitution, and loving life aren't something you're supposed to be able to do in New York.

Representative Elise Stefanik stands like the Statue of Liberty, a symbol in New York of what things are supposed to be like. You're supposed to believe in law and order, no matter what state you represent.

That's why Republican Elise Stefanik is so important. In the land of liberals like Cuomo, Hochul, and Schumer, we need somebody fighting for us.

Stefanik is doing just that.

She's fighting FOR US. And AGAINST the Bidens.

"For decades, the Biden Crime Family has peddled Joe Biden’s influence and power to the highest bidder, including American adversaries like the Chinese Communist Party," Stefanik said. "Now we’re learning that the Biden administration is obstructing legitimate inquiries about who else is influencing this administration."

You can read more about Stefanik's call for transparency at the link below.

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