BREAKING: Biden Cancer Report Rocks Congress - Here Are The Details...

July 30, 2022

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana blasted President Joe Biden for his Bidenflation, calling it a "cancer on the American dream."

"Kennedy weighed in on the record-high inflation, which he argued was 'a direct result' of President Joe Biden’s policies," reports Breitbart.

"After 18 months, we know what President Biden stands for," Kennedy said.

"If you don’t know by now, you are as thick as a brick. He believes in bigger government, higher taxes, more spending, more debt, more regulation, open borders, a weaker military and turning cops into social workers. And those policies have hurt the American people deeply," said Kennedy.

"But in no respect, none, has President Biden hurt the American people more than in their pocketbooks," he added. "And I’m talking about inflation. Inflation, which is a direct result of the president’s policies, is a cancer on the American Dream. And it is rampant. It is unrestrained."

Kennedy said the fix to Biden's inflation crisis is "pretty straightforward."

"He called on the Federal Reserve to 'stop spending.' He also suggested reducing the deficit, freezing all federal proposed federal regulations, returning to energy independence, and extending the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to lower inflation," according to Breitbart.

"If you do those things, in my judgment, inflation will start to abate in a matter of months. And if you don’t do them, we are just going to continue to be face down in the desert," he warned.

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