BREAKING: Biden Brain Malfunction Puts White House In Tail Spin - Oh Wow...

October 10, 2022

Is a Joe Biden speech really a Joe Biden speech without a terrible gaffe?

Biden kicked off a speech on the economy over the weekend with a classic Biden brain-freeze moment.

"Let me start off with two words — Made in America," he said as he actually used three words in front of a sign that read "Made in America."

"Made in America," he repeated, fully believing that it's just two words.

"That’s not hyperbole, I’m not joking about that as you know," Biden said, doubling down and failing to admit his mistake.

This is not the first time that Biden has struggled with the basics of the English language.

"On the campaign trail in 2008, Biden spelled out the word 'J-O-B-S' after calling it a three-letter word," reported Breitbart.

Yikes. This is sad, and it's actually pretty dangerous that this is the President of the United States.

Someone get him off the stage. This is why midterm elections are so important this year.

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