BREAKING: Attorney General SURRENDERS In Stunning Reversal - Voters In Shock...

July 24, 2022

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein (D) said he will not defend the North Carolina 20-week abortion ban, which is blocked by an injunction by the courts.

"The Department of Justice will not take action that would restrict women's ability to make their own reproductive health care decisions," Stein said. "Protecting that ability is more important than ever, as states across the nation are banning abortions in all instances, including rape and incest."

Republicans in the state have urged Stein to defend the ban after the Dobbs ruling overturning Roe V. Wade, but he has not been cooperative.

Legislators have said they will take steps to force Stein to defend the ban once they come back into session. They "stand ready to take the necessary steps to restore North Carolina's abortion laws to where they were before Bryant stuck them down," they said.

"North Carolinians can also expect pro-life protections to be a top priority of the legislature when we return to our normal legislative session in January," House Speaker Timothy Moore said.

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