BREAKING: Arizona Governor Smashes Joe Biden With Dirty Surprise [Developing]

October 26, 2022

Arizona's Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, is taking the action that many should have taken a long time ago.

He's suing the Biden Administration.

The lawsuit comes about after a lengthy battle over Arizona's most important topic: the border.

You see, being perhaps the main state that Mexican immigrants (legal and non) use to cross into America puts Arizona in a situation unlike any other state. Their border is America's border. While it probably doesn't matter to people in Arizona what Pennsylvania's borders look like, the condition of Arizona's border is a matter of national security.

Over the summer, the Biden administration demanded Ducey take down border barriers near Yuma, Arizona.

Ducey refused.

Biden wouldn't back off. Now, Joe has a lawsuit to deal with.

"Our border communities are overwhelmed by illegal activity as a result of the Biden administration’s failure to secure the southern border," Ducey asserted. "Arizona is taking action to protest on behalf of our citizens. With this lawsuit, we’re pushing back against efforts by federal bureaucrats to reverse the progress we’ve made."

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