BREAKING: Apple Shuts It DOWN - Didn't See It Coming...

August 3, 2022

Apple is finally doing what their employees have been begging them to do for two years:

Drop their mask mandate.

It's almost not about the fact that they recently dropped their mask mandate, but that they continued to have a mask mandate for two years after we realized they didn't work.

A recent company email from Apple shows that the company is dropping its mask mandate for most corporate employees.

"In light of current circumstances, wearing a face mask will no longer be required in most locations. As always, please check Welcome Forward regularly for specific requirements for your site, including those from local health authorities, or any site you may visit," the email read.

It went on to encourage anyone who wants to wear a mask to continue to do so.

"We recognize that everyone’s personal circumstances are different. Don’t hesitate to continue wearing a face mask if you feel more comfortable doing so. Also, please respect every individual’s decision to wear a mask or not."

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