BREAKING: American Schools Exposed In Huge Abuse Scandal - Read This Now...

September 24, 2022

Actress and education advocate Sam Sorbo blasted the American public school system during a TNT Radio interview with Steve Malzberg, saying that schools are "enacting child abuse" on children and encouraging parents to investigate home education.

“To teach a child that he’s just like everybody else and that there’s nothing unique about him and that he’s simply a collection of accidents, that he has no purpose in life, is self defeating,” she said. “It’s defeatist for the child. It puts them on the wrong path. It’s really just the wrong message to send to the child.”

She also took issue with teaching women to “have as much sex” as possible and “simply get an abortion” if they become pregnant.

She said that it had been a 100-year process of working to "separate the child from the parent," not just a recent issue with schools trying to cut parents out of the decision-making process.

Schools also teach kids their main value is as a worker and income earner, she said.

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