Bragg's aggressive pursuit of Trump proves it's a 'political prosecution,' Turley says

By Jen Krausz on
 March 27, 2023

George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley said Sunday that Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg's attempt to indict former President Donald Trump is proof that it's a "political prosecution."

"Bragg is taking a New York misdemeanor, which, by the way, has expired, only a two-year statute of limitations, and he’s potentially bootstrapping that into a felony," Turley said, calling the effort "beyond the pale."

He also said Bragg was trying to prove a federal crime that the federal government had declined to prosecute.

Judges in New York would "look askance" at the efforts, Turley thought.

"I think he’s got a rough road ahead," Turley concluded.

The grand jury hit a snag last week and was halted for now, so it may be that Bragg has realized his dream of indicting Trump just isn't going to become a reality.