Bragg Throws Out Over 300 Convictions: Report

Alvin Bragg won't let Donald Trump off the hook, but for other people, he's going to throw 316 convictions into the trash.

The convictions erased are 308 misdemeanors and eight felonies dating back to the nineties.

All of the convictions are being thrown out because dirty cops were involved in prosecuting the "criminals."

Bragg's Post Conviction Justice Unit says that the convictions resulted in 57 incarcerations and 132 fines.

The disgraced officers connected to the crimes have all been shown to have been criminals themselves, so it might not be fair to trust that these officers went by the books in order to secure these convictions.

One of the crimes that the disgraced officers had been accused of was planting evidence on victims.

Once it's revealed that that's happened even once, it's hard to see how the cops' word should be continued to be believed.

Other crimes the officers were charged with are bribery and selling firearms.

"These cases represent hundreds of New Yorkers who have been living with the serious costs that come with a conviction, including barriers to employment, housing, and education," Bragg said.