Boy Found Dead After Going Missing While Hunting With Grandpa

September 15, 2023

Ten-year-old boy Wyatt Eaves-Nibert went out hunting with his grandpa on the morning of Sept. 9.

He never returned from the woods.

Now we know why.

Eaves-Nibert has died.

Adrienne Nibert is Wyatt's mother and gave her version of what happened.

Apparently, Wyatt "went squirrel hunting with his grandfather. They were eating lunch when the boy said he was going to walk and look for squirrels. When Grandfather finished eating, he called out for Wyatt but never found him."

"Wyatt was very trained on gun safety," Adrienne said. "He knew not to walk around without the safety off and he knew to carry the gun on his back with it pointed in the air. He had very good trigger discipline."

Authorities have not yet declared if foul play was involved in the case, saying:

The missing juvenile has been located. The case is still under investigation at this time. Please accept our sincere appreciation for all the volunteer help. At this time we do not need anymore volunteers. Thank you.

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