Border Patrol reports four million border encounters since Vice President Harris took job as border czar

 January 1, 2023

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that four million migrants had been encountered at the southern border since Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked with finding the "root cause" of the immigration surge.

Harris has supposedly been working as a border czar, but so far nothing has been done to bring an end to the crisis.

Harris assumed the role of President Joe Biden's border czar in March of 2021. Since then, she has made two trips into South America and falsely claimed that "the border is secure."

Meanwhile, President Biden continues to refuse to visit the border and has stated that "there are more important things going on."

Both President Biden and Vice President Harris are being negligent in their duties and are responsible for the damage this crisis is causing.

Thankfully the Supreme Court has been able to stop the worst of the Biden administration's immigration policies. Now it will be up to Republicans to put pressure on the Biden administration and hold them accountable for their willful dereliction.