Bombshell Report Puts Doubt On Biden's Competence

 January 16, 2023

President Joe Biden's competence is being questioned. Again. Somehow this is not surprising.

"When Joe Biden was running for president, he offered himself to Americans as the kind of leader they wouldn’t have to think about after the tumult of his predecessor’s years in the Oval Office," reported Breitbart. "But an excruciating week of awkward disclosures and the appointment of a special counsel to investigate classified records found at his Delaware home and a former office dating to his time as vice president is beginning to strain his claim to competence."

"The surprise revelations that on at least four different occasions Biden’s lawyers found improperly stored classified documents and official records evoked the turmoil surrounding Donald Trump’s presidency, a four-year ruckus from which Biden has tried to move the country past. In the latest development, the White House acknowledged on Saturday that Biden’s lawyers had turned up even more such documents at the home than previously known," reported Breitbart.

"It just won’t be so exhausting," former President Barack Obama promised about a Biden presidency, adding that voters are "not going to have to think about the crazy things … and that is worth a lot."

The White House's explanation, offered by lawyer Richard Sauber, is that the special counsel’s inquiry "will show that these documents were inadvertently misplaced" — a "mistake" with America's secrets.

"Biden seemingly ignored or forgot about a cardinal rule in politics: Check your closet for skeletons before you complain about someone else’s. His public criticisms about Trump’s 'irresponsible' handling of classified documents, however different the circumstances, are now coming back to haunt him," hilariously reported Breitbart.

Richard Painter, the top ethics official in the George W. Bush administration said, "You never just pack stuff up and cart it out of there."

"He said aides and lawyers are supposed to carefully sift through what are official records that are property of the National Archives and personal records that may be removed," reports Breitbart.

"To say nothing of classified documents which have these distinctive markings on them," Painter said. "It’s still very worrisome. It’s a serious national security breach."

Source: Breitbart