Bolton: Trump’s Constitution Post ‘Time Bomb Sitting On The Desk Of Every Republican’

December 7, 2022

John Bolton, former Trump National Security Advisor, said that Trump's comments on the Constitution were a "time bomb" for every Republican.

Kaitlan Collins, co-host of the show CNN This Morning asked Bolton, "I’ve seen your response to this, what you’ve been saying about Trump’s calls to terminate the Constitution. Do you think it should be disqualifying for a presidential candidate if they made comments like this?" Bolton answered:

Well, of course, it is disqualifying. You know, the president takes an oath of office prescribed by the Constitution itself that says he will to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Trump himself took that oath. And effectively, he’s now saying he didn’t mean it. And if God forbid, he were ever elected again and took the oath again. We couldn’t trust he would abide by those words.

So, I think this is really existential. And even beyond being a matter of high principle, which I think it is, as a matter of practical politics, that statement, even as he failed to try and correct it over the weekend, that statement is a time bomb sitting on the desk of every Republican member of the House and the Senate, every Republican candidate around the country.

If we don’t very clearly, very soon, unequivocally reject it, naming Trump by name, this will come back to haunt us in November 2024 in ways we can only imagine.

Source: Breitbart