Boehner tears up over Pelosi at portrait unveiling

December 16, 2022

Former Republican House Speaker John Boehner (OH) got tearful on Wednesday during a ceremony honoring current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), which included a portrait unveiling of the first female speaker in history.

Boehner is well-known for crying, but most Republicans would not have expected him to be so touched over his formal predecessor, rival, and eventual successor.

He made sure to tell Pelosi that his girls told him to "Tell the speaker how much we admire her," adding that they are Democrats, "if you couldn't tell."

Pelosi ate up the show of emotion. “How about John Boehner?" she said during remarks after the ceremony. "Wasn’t that something? I’m telling you, I would have been a little disappointed if he did not get emotional.”

Boehner said that he and Pelosi “disagreed politically” but “were never disagreeable.”

Addressing her, he said, “You were so gracious to me, in fact, that at times, it got me in trouble with my own members.”