Boebert opponent concedes tight race in Colorado, avoiding recount

November 19, 2022

Colorado Democrat Adam Frisch conceded a House race against incumbent Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) on Friday, forgoing a recount that would have happened automatically since only 550 votes separated the two candidates.

Frisch said that the vote tally was unlikely to change.

“We are not asking for this recount. It is one that the citizens of Colorado mandate through our election system,” he said when supporters asked about donating to the effort. “Please save your money for your groceries, your rent, your children,”

A recount may still be done because of the race's tight margin, but Frisch's concession allows Boebert to move forward as Colorado's representative in her district.

She will join a razor-thin GOP majority after the 218-vote threshold was reached earlier in the week.

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