Body Camera Footage Of Paul Pelosi Attack Released

 January 28, 2023

The world wanted it, and we got it.

The video footage from the attack on Nacy Pelosi's husband Paul last year has been released.

It's not pretty, and no matter how much you hate Pelosi's policies or insider trading, this is very hard to watch and very disturbing:


There's a lot there. It begins with Paul Pelosi opening the door as a large man holds a hammer behind him, and ends with the grizzly-like snoring of a man who has recently been knocked out cold.

On Jan. 27, Pelosi's initial call to police was released as well.

It must have been an interesting dynamic between attacker and victim, as Pelosi was allowed to use the phone but only say certain things.

One has to wonder why the attacker allowed Paul to use the phone at all. Mr. Pelosi needs to be glad the attacker did, or else he might not have survived the attack.

You can listen to the phone call audio here.