Bob Barker, of 'The Price Is Right' fame, passes away at 99

 August 27, 2023

Bob Barker, a beloved American icon thanks to his time hosting The Price Is Right, passed away on Saturday at his Los Angeles home at the age of 99.

Barker got his start in the 1950's with hosting the game show Truth or Consequences. Then in 1972 Barker began hosting CBS' The Price Is Right, where he would work until he retired in 2007.

The industry icon also hosted the Miss USA Pageant and the Miss Universe Pageant for twenty years cementing his status as a titan of American television.

CBS issued a statement amid the sad news, saying, "We lost a beloved member of the CBS family today with the passing of Bob Barker,” the network said, noting that he had “made countless people’s dreams come true and everyone feel like a winner when they were called to ‘come on down.’ In all, he taped more than 5,000 shows in his career. He said he was retiring because “I’m just reaching the age where the constant effort to be there and do the show physically is a lot for me. ... Better (to leave) a year too soon than a year too late."

When Barker retired, he was replaced by Comedian Drew Carey, who reacted to Barker's death saying, "There hasn’t been a day on set that I didn’t think of Bob Barker and thank him. I will carry his memory in my heart forever."

Barker lived a full life and leaves behind an incredible legacy that many Americans won't soon forget.