Blinken Spurred Letter Discrediting Hunter Laptop Story While Working For Joe Biden

 April 21, 2023

Lots of interesting information emerged in and around the nation's capital this week, and the implications for Democrats do NOT look good.

An author of the now-debunked statement from 51 intelligence officials casting doubt on the fact that the Laptop From Hell was actually Hunter Biden's has come forward saying that one of Joe Biden's campaign employees was the driving force behind the statement.

Antony Blinken, who was at the time a senior advisor to Joe Biden's campaign, was reportedly that person.

Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell recently testified to the House Judiciary Committee that America's current secretary of State, Blinken, called Morell about the laptop story just days after the New York Post published the initial bombshell.

Morell went on to admit that that call with Blinken "triggered" Morell to draft the statement.

At that time, Blinken was serving as Joe Biden's "closest" foreign policy adviser according to the New York Times.

Our very own government casting doubt on the truth of the story prevented it from being spread on social media, which may have given Joe Biden the edge he needed to "win" the 2020 election.