Blast from the past: Biden criticized age of 63-year-old Senate opponent in 1972

By Jen Krausz on
 April 26, 2023

When President Joe Biden, now 80 and asking to be kept in office until age 86, was running for Senate against incumbent Sen. Cale Boggs (R-DE), 63, he repeatedly brought up his opponent's age as a reason not to re-elect him at the time.

“Cale doesn’t want to run, he’s lost that old twinkle in his eye he used to have,” Biden said at the time. He apparently brought up Boggs' age so many times that one reporter called it the "Dear old Dad" tactic, Breitbart said.

“Cale Boggs’ generation dreamed of conquering polio, Joe Biden’s generation dreams of conquering heroin,” one newspaper ad read. “To Cale Boggs an unfair tax was the 1948 poll tax. To Joe Biden an unfair tax is the 1972 income tax,” another read, according to CNN.

Wow. Not only did Biden think 63 was old at one time, but he also claimed not to like taxes. To know him today, you'd think there was never a tax he didn't like.

Biden won that election and unseated Boggs by pointing to his age. We'll see if that works for Biden's eventual opponent in 2024.

Breitbart's Joel Pollack noted that like his 1972 Senate campaign, Biden's re-election campaign launch video failed to mention a single accomplishment during his first term or what he plans to do in a second term.