Joe Biden BLACKOUT Stuns America - White House Scrambling To Hide...

July 23, 2022

The people of America now know what happens when reporters question the President of the United States about his health:

A complete blackout on the screen.

See for yourself:

White House event staff had propped Dirty Joe up to do a conference on gas prices, as they continue trying to convince everyone in this country that nothing is wrong.

They were also there to show people that Joey B was in good health, but when reporters had questions about that very topic, America saw what happened.

It really is remarkable the amount of coverup and protection there has been for Joe Biden by the media since day one.

Although even though most of the country has turned against him, the American people finally see right through it.

He began by saying "let me start by apologizing for my voice. I feel a lot better than I sound."

Joe Biden might be dying. But even if he's not, he should step down anyway because this country is.

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