Black Lives Matter Activist Pleads Guilty To Fraud For Missing Donations

September 29, 2023

One of the Black Lives Matter activists who was instrumental in the infamous protest that brought down a statue of Sir Edward Colston has pleaded guilty to fraud after money that was donated to the fundraising page she established disappeared.

It should come as no surprise that the people profiting off of the Black Lives Matter movement weren't exactly trustworthy.

They were only ever pandering to Americans who needed a villain, and literally never intended on bringing about any actual change in America.

Xahra Saleem, who is also known as Yvonne Maina, recently pled guilty to fraud after over $36,000 went missing.

She had raised all of those funds under the guise of leading a George Floyd-inspired protest but simply pocketed all of the money.

Saleem had promised to donate a substantial portion of the donations to Changing Your Mindset, a youth group trying to send local children on a trip to Africa.

Changing Your Mindset contacted the police after its never received a penny.