Bill O'Reilly doesn't believe Trump will ever serve prison time

September 30, 2023

With four indictments and dozens of charges, many believe former President Donald Trump stands a real chance at being convicted and slapped with a prison sentence, to varying degrees.

According to Breitbart, former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, in a recent interview with former Fox News primetime superstar Tucker Carlson, doesn't believe Trump will serve a day behind bars.

He also pointed out that even if Trump was convicted and sentenced, he wouldn't have to do actual hard time, and instead serve some type of home confinement, even if that meant house arrest while serving in the White House as president, even though that would also be unlikely.

Carlson held the interview with O'Reilly during the second GOP primary debate, which was already on track for record-low ratings, given Trump's absence and the general public's overall lack of interest in the remaining Republican candidates.

He also talked to O'Reilly about the ongoing efforts to remove Trump from the ballot in several states for the 2024 election, with the 14th Amendment cited as possible reasoning to do so, by those who believe such malarkey.

O'Reilly, unsurprisingly, held nothing back in his thoughts on both issues.

"So, I mean, if you’re willing to do that and just end democracy, then, I mean, what aren’t you willing to do?" Carlson asked his former colleague.

"Well, thank God you can’t do it. So number one, he’s not going to be taken off the ballot. There’s no constitutional order that would allow that to happen. Number two, he’s not going to prison because even if he’s convicted, none of the things that he’s charged with would warrant prison, and the Supreme Court would rule, if it ever gets up there, that he’d be in a home of confinement, where he could run the government if he wanted to.

O'Reilly added, "If he wins, he’d be confined to the White House or whatever, but none of that’s going to happen."

The former Fox News host also pointed out that the American people believe there's a clear double standard in the way the classified documents case against Trump is being handled, given that President Joe Biden faces a similar case and has not been held accountable at all.

"So the American people understand what this is," O’Reilly told Carlson. "They understand that the documents in the Mar-a-Lago basement parallel the documents in Joe Biden’s garage. It’s the same thing, but one guy gets raided and charged."

The interview with O'Reilly, as of this writing, has garnered more than 25 million views, swamping the viewership of the second GOP primary debate, held on Fox Business Network.

Fox News Channel reportedly covered Trump's appearance at a union auto factory during the debate, but ultimately cut away from the president when he criticized the network during his speech.