Bill Maher urges Biden to step aside to prevent Trump victory in 2024

 October 1, 2023

Never one to pull punches when it comes to his frank assessment of the political landscape, comedian and Real Time host Bill Maher on Friday implored President Joe Biden to exit the stage once and for all in order to prevent former President Donald Trump from reclaiming the White House in 2024, as Fox News reports.

Maher's bombshell request came during the monologue portion of his show and echoed sentiments he expressed earlier on his Club Random podcast in which he drew parallels to when the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg failed to resign in a strategic manner and thus facilitated the installment of what is now a conservative majority on the panel.

Though Maher went to great lengths to laud Biden's first-term achievements, he made no bones about the fact that the president's age and apparent frailties render him an untenable candidate this time around.

“The parade moves on – 2024 is not 2020 in so many key ways, including yes, Biden being four years older,” Maher stated.

Treading carefully not to insult the current president, Maher continued, as the Messenger noted, “You can be a national treasure and still be too old for the job. If I'm on a plane and the pilot says, 'This is your captain, Buzz Aldrin,' I'm getting off.”

Maher shared similar thoughts on the aforementioned podcast, telling longtime Democrat Party insider James Carville of Biden, “He's done a great service. But whereas in 2020, maybe he was the only one who could have beaten Trump, I think now he's the only one who will lose to him.”

Making his case as plain as possible, Maher said, “Someone has to convince President Biden that if he runs again, he's going to turn the country back over to Trump and go down in history as Ruth Bader Biden, the person who doesn't know when to quit, and so does great damage to their party and their country.”

“There's a term for Joe Biden, but not two,” Maher contended.

Asserting that his objections to Biden's candidacy were not based solely on the president's chronological age, Maher said that his concerns stem more from the increasing frequency of his missteps and malapropisms on the world stage, including his recent garbling of LL Cool J's name.

“Say what you want about Trump,” Maher joked, “but he remembers Kanye's name.

He continued, “At some point, perception becomes reality. What matters is voters think Biden's too old. What matters is he's gonna lose to Trump, who is almost the same age, but his age just doesn't read like Biden's.”

“Maybe it's because Trump is insane. Maybe it's because he's always a ball of white-hot anger, but for whatever reason, he looks robust,” Maher added.

Biden, the host concluded, “looks like his own skeletal remains.”

Interestingly, it was just one year ago that Maher took to his panel program to suggest that it was not Biden who needed to depart the scene, but rather Vice President Kamala Harris who deserved to be jettisoned from the ticket, but perhaps that just goes to show that in politics, 12 months can be an eternity.