Bill Maher slams Democrats for social media censorship

October 1, 2023

HBO's Real Time host Bill Maher blasted Democrats on Friday over the Missouri v. Biden case revelations that Big Tech was colluding with the government under President Joe Biden to suppress speech about the coronavirus that the government didn't agree with.

“That’s what’s dangerous, I think, from the Democrats, is that a lot of them believe that social media’s job” is to suppress speech they don’t agree with, Maher contended.

"These were the people who used to be so skeptical of Corporate America and the pharmaceutical industry. And now they want the government just to shut down anybody who doesn’t agree with [them]?” Maher said incredulously.

Maher pointed out that a lot of the so-called misinformation may not have been that at all, and that neither the government nor social media should have a right to determine arbitrarily what is misinformation anyway.

What gives one political party the right to censor the other -- or anyone -- over their views anyway?

Or even to ask social media to do their dirty work for them?

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