Bill Maher: Biden border wall reversal a 'disaster' for Democrats

By Jen Krausz on
 October 9, 2023

HBO Real Time host Bill Maher said Friday during a panel discussion that he thinks President Joe Biden's sudden reversal on building at least part of a border wall to curb illegal immigration is a "disaster" for Democrats and makes them look like hypocrites over sanctuary cities.

The administration, under Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, wants to build a 20-mile section of border wall immediately in the Starr County area of the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

The decision breaks a campaign promise not to add to the border wall.

"I feel like this is a disaster for the Democrats," Maher began. "Trump today said he wants Biden to apologize because it looks like Biden was adopting his policy. This does not look good for the Democrats."

"Also, they look like sanctuary city hypocrites. They were the ones who said, 'Look, we're the compassionate people. Everybody should get a shot here'," he continued. "I understand there's a little ‘I told you so’ on the border."

Only 23% of people in a Pew Research poll said the Biden administration was doing a good job handling illegal immigration, the lowest rating of any issue.