'Bill Clinton would be doing 50 years with his wife,' if Espionage Act had been applied to socks case, Levin says

By Jen Krausz on
 June 18, 2023

Legal expert and Fox News host Mark Levin said on Hannity that if the same legal standard the Biden DOJ applied to former President Donald Trump, namely, the Espionage Act, had been applied to Bill Clinton, "Clinton would be doing 50 years with his wife."

Of course, he was referring to Hillary Clinton's indiscretions with documents including creating a private server and then destroying it to cover up what she had done.

Hillary Clinton was never charged for her crimes, and Bill Clinton's case was dismissed because only the Presidential Records Act, not the Espionage Act, was considered.

Levin argued that a president "is" the executive branch of government and has all authority over presidential records.

"The framers created a president. They didn't create a CIA. They didn't create a special counsel. They didn't create an attorney general. They created a president," he said.

He also called many of the legal "experts" making pronouncements on cable news shows and podcasts "ambulance chasers."