Bill Clinton Trashes Wife's 2016 Campaign

 December 16, 2023

Former President Bill Clinton was recently discussing his wife's 2016 presidential campaign.

To say he didn't have a very high opinion of it would be an understatement.

The details can be found in Ryan Grim's new book, The Squad: AOC and the Hope of a Political Revolution.

"Former president Bill Clinton, surveying the landscape and the ham-handed efforts at identity politics, was bereft, lamenting to a longtime friend in the fall of 2016 that Hillary’s campaign ‘could not sell pussy on a troop train,’" Grim wrote in the book.

Grim also talked about how Hillary Clinton was working so hard to beat Bernie Sanders in the primary that she forgot about what she was doing to herself for the general election.

By saying all of the things that she needed to say to beat Sanders, Grim says that Clinton "likely pushed moderate voters paying only marginal attention to the campaign toward Sanders, who spoke like a normal person while Clinton began ascending into what her ally James Carville would later call 'faculty lounge speak.'"

America couldn't trust Hillary Clinton. So, they voted Trump.