Bill Belichick's Patriots least competitive in 24 years

October 10, 2023

Bill Belichick has coached the New England Patriots football team for 24 years, but they have never been less competitive in all that time than they are now.

Their dismal performance against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday caused the Boston Globe's Ben Volin to suggest that Belichick gave up on the team when they were down 24-0 in the third quarter.

The evidence: Belichick put the punting team in at the 40-yard line when they had three yards to go for a first down.

"This was beyond being conservative, as Belichick usually is on fourth down," Volin wrote. "This was Belichick throwing in the towel. This was Belichick telling the world he doesn’t believe in his players and doesn’t feel like trying anymore, even with 24 minutes remaining."

"It’s the type of decision that should make Robert Kraft think long and hard about the direction of his franchise," Volun said, suggesting that Belichick might be daring Kraft to replace him.

Certainly, it's not the way to turn around a defeat or to do something positive, no matter how bleak the score seems.

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