Bill Barr Says Trump Soon To Be Indicted Over Jan. 6

 June 20, 2023

Former Attorney General Bill Barr thinks that things are going to be getting even worse for Donald Trump very soon.

Barr appeared on CBS' "Face the Nation on June 18. While there, he admitted that he thinks Trump will soon be indicted AGAIN. This time, it will be over the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

"Trump was indicted and arraigned in the records case. Do you believe is a target, potentially in the January 6 case?" host Robert Costa asked Barr.

Barr responded, "Yes. And, by the way, I defended him on cases that I think are unfair, like the one up in New York and so forth. I think the January 6 case will be a hard case to make because of First Amendment interest. But I am actually beginning to think they will pull the trigger on that. I would expect it to be this summer." He added:

Because of the First Amendment interests, we don’t want to get in a position where people can’t complain about an election.

"I am more skeptical of that case but I think it is likely it will be brought," Barr concluded.