Bill and Hillary Clinton vacationing in the Caribbean as Jeffrey Epstein associate list set to be released

 January 1, 2024

Sealed court filings related to the activities of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein are set to be released this week, and coincidentally, Bill and Hillary Clinton have left the United States to vacation in the Dominican Republic.

The Clintons are spending New Year's in Punta Cana, an area well known for its beautiful beaches and resorts.

There hasn't been any confirmation for how long the Clintons will be in the Dominican Republic, but the timing of their vacation with the release of the Epstein files is interesting.

Clinton is one of the most prominent names, alongside Britain's Prince Andrew, who are expected to appear on the list of associates, victims, and most importantly, clients.

It is expected that the many high-profile clientele to whom Epstein provided services will be unmasked.

It is possible that the court documents could implicate Bill and Hillary in having been knowledgeable, complicit, and perhaps even participants in Epstein's horrific crimes.