Big Tech Angry At Kevin McCarthy For Handing Over Videos To Tucker Carlson

February 23, 2023

CNN's John King started flapping his gums on cable television again on Tuesday, claiming during an installment of Inside Politics that Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, was only handing over 41,000 hours of Jan. 6 video footage because McCarthy was looking to personally gain.

Liberals really do get that angry when the truth is coming out.

McCarthy isn't asking for anything. He's simply releasing the footage to somebody he trusts (Tucker Carlson) and he's going to let the facts speak for themselves.

That's not the way the liberals in bed with Big Tech like John King see it, though. He said:

Kevin McCarthy is giving Fox’s Tucker Carlson access to tens of thousands of hours of January 6th security footage. Your tax dollars paid for most of the cameras that captured the scene inside and around the Capitol that day, but Speaker McCarthy is granting access only to Carlson and to Fox. Carlson is a frequent McCarthy critic who says the speaker has no ideological core. Carlson also repeatedly spreads conspiracies about attacks suggesting it was orchestrated somehow by the deep state, the FBI, not the pro-Trump mob, as we all witnessed.

Liberals are so scared of the truth they're trying to make it illegal.

This isn't a joke. This is America in 2023.