Karine Jean-Pierre Called Out On False Debt Limit Claims

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was fact-checked about several false claims she and the White House have made about the debt limit.

President Biden's White House continues getting fact-checked and being proven wrong. Biden has to hate this.

"Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich fact-checked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in real time during Tuesday’s White House press briefing when Jean-Pierre repeated several false claims about the debt limit," reported Breitbart.

Jean-Pierre was briefing reporters, and as per usual, she stuck to her typical uncompromising tone.

"Heinrich began by asking Jean-Pierre why the White House claimed that it would not negotiate over the debt limit together with spending caps, when 'half the country' wanted the two parties to have that conversation," reported Breitbart.

Jean-Pierre just repeated her earlier claim that the bill passed by Republicans includes cuts to important programs, further stating that the bill threatened a default on the debt.

Heinrich then noted that the Republican bill did, in fact, raise the debt limit, and said that will help avoid default.

Jean-Pierre admitted that was correct but said again that the House bill will cause cuts to programs helping seniors and schools.

Heinrich fired back, saying there is nothing in the bill that specified any sort of cut like that, adding that there are not appropriations in it. Heinrich added that House Speaker McCarthy had ruled out the very cuts that Jean-Pierre was falsely claiming that Republicans had made.

Jean-Pierre implied that when the Republicans took over the House in 2022, they gave Democrats a mandate to oppose spending cuts and to raise the debt ceiling without any conditions.