Biden's Unwelcome Opinion On Firearms

July 12, 2022

Joe Biden's got a BUNCH of issues with the Second Amendment.

However, to his credit, he recently came up with a new argument against it in his sickly little noggin.

"We are living in a country awash in weapons of war," he began.

"Weapons that were designed to hunt are not being used. The weapons designed, that they are purchasing, are designed as weapons of war to take out an enemy."

Well if a gun isn't going to take out an enemy, what good is it?

He wasn't done, going on to insist that civilians should have training akin to the military's before being able to touch a firearm.

"We require extensive background checks on them and mental health assessments on them. We require that they learn how to lock up and store these weapons responsibly. We require our military to do all that. These are commonsense requirements, but we don’t require the same commonsense measures for a stranger walking into a gun store to purchase an AR-15 or something like that."

One difference between civilian and military ARs is that civilian versions have no ability to fire in neither a burst nor an automatic fashion.

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