Biden's top 5 foreign policy disasters

 December 26, 2023

President Joe Biden promised Americans quite a bit during his few appearances on the 2020 campaign trail, including a vow to return "normalcy" to the world.

As Breitbart recently noted, the exact opposite happened. Biden's administration has been riddled with disastrous foreign policy decisions that has left the world anywhere but "normal."

The outlet laid out the "top five" foreign policy blunders made by the elderly, often-confused president, and they're all equally bad.

Of course, topping the list, in the opinion of many, is the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, which went horribly and fatally wrong. Biden's decision to pull troops without much in the way of a plan resulted in the loss of American lives, among others.

Breitbart noted:

Biden also decided to conduct the withdrawal from the Kabul International Airport, instead of the far bigger and more secure Bagram air base. The withdrawal quickly turned into a rout, as Taliban forces entered Kabul and toppled the U.S.-backed government, forcing a rush to the airport by tens of thousands of Afghan civilians that resulted in chaos and death — including those of 13 American troops manning the airport’s main gate from an ISIS suicide bomber.

It went on to highlight another absolute disaster on Biden's watch, which is known as the Ukraine-Russia war. For months, as Russian troops assembled en masse at its border with Ukraine, the Biden administration sat on its hands.

The Biden administration's response at the time? It said it was "increasingly concerned." And we all know what that's turned into.

Another embarrassing and deadly blunder was when the Biden administration removed the Iran-backed Houthi terrorists from the foreign terrorist organization list. The Trump administration had previously added the group to the list.

Breitbart noted where that decision has now led:

Now, the Iran-backed Houthi — who seized the capital Sanaa in 2014 — is firing ballistic missiles and sending barrages of one-way armed drones at commercial tankers and American war ships in the Red Sea, threatening American sailors and crews’ lives, and disrupting international shipping.

Another doozy of a foreign policy blunder came after the Biden administration unfroze some $6 billion in Iranian money, which many believe helped fund the Hamas-led attack on Israel.

Breitbart reported, "In August 2023, the Biden administration reached a deal with Iran to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian assets in exchange for the release of five Americans held in Iran. The Biden administration claimed the money would be “available only for humanitarian trade.”

That leads into the blunder that rounds out Biden's list of failures, and that was the Biden administration's inability to protect Israel from the surprise, deadly terrorist attack carried out by Hamas terrorists.

Widely believed to be backed by Iran, the attack somehow flew under the radar of both American and Israeli intelligence, but many believe Biden unfreezing the $6 billion for Iran was part of the catalyst that made it happen.

It's not difficult to see why Biden is struggling in his approval ratings and looking weaker by the day. He's literally one of the least-effective and arguably dangerous presidents in U.S. history.