Biden's State Of The Union Draws Second Smallest Audience In History

 February 10, 2023

Either Joe Biden doesn't have the credibility he used to, or Americans simply don't care about him anymore.

Ultimately, neither one is a good sign for Dirty Old Joe's chances in 2024.

Just 27,000,000 people tuned in to watch Joe Biden's State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. That number is down 28% from the almost 38.5 million people that watched Biden's 2022 version of the speech.

Of the people who DID tune in, it wasn't the people Biden would have wanted. Democrats are praying that they capture the NEXT generation of voters. However, the only people that seemed to be interested in Biden's speech were senior citizens.

Nearly 75% of people watching were over the age of 55. Not exactly a youth movement.

The last time an American president had so few Americans care about what he was going to say? You guessed it, it's Joe Biden again. Just 26.9 million Americans tuned in to Joe's address to Congress back in 2021.