Bidens Probably Causing Psychological Damage To Navy Joan Roberts: Psychologist

July 8, 2023

Hunter Biden is refusing to acknowledge Navy Joan Roberts as his daughter. He even went after the little girl in court in a successful attempt to forbid her from using the last name that has given Hunter literally all of his privileges in life.

President Joe Biden is refusing to acknowledge Navy Joan Roberts as his granddaughter.

First lady Jill Biden is refusing to acknowledge Navy Joan Roberts as her granddaughter.

It's not that they don't know Navy Joan Roberts exists; they absolutely do. They simply don't want to face the consequences of Hunter Biden's decision to have sex out of wedlock with a stripper.

Shocking reports indicate that Hunter Biden has even completely refused to meet his daughter. The girl is four years old, and her uber-famous father refuses to even say hello to her.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Staci Weiner recently shed some light on the type of mental damage this might be doing to Navy Joan Roberts:

Children, in their natural and developmentally age-appropriate narcissism, believe what happens in the world is about them. For example, ‘Why would my family reject me or not allow me to take the name unless I was bad?’ The child may feel shame and insecurity due to the rejection, thinking it was their fault in some way. This can result in poor self-worth, leading to difficulties in forming attachments, specifically, when deciding when to trust others in relationships.

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