Biden's Potential 2024 Challenger Heads To New Hampshire

 January 27, 2023

It isn't uncommon for a sitting president to pretty much be given the option of running for a second term without the rest of his party interfering.

That way, the party can hope to avoid the cannibalization that often goes on during primaries, when candidates sling so much mud that it often makes their "winner" unattractive in the general election.

In most situations, liberals would leave things up to Joe Biden regarding whether he wants to run again or not.

This isn't most situations though. Even liberals want Joe Biden gone, and they are starting work already.

Mariannd Williamson is a former Democrat presidential candidate and describes herself as a "spiritual thought leader."

She is one member of the Democratic Party who is NOT going to wait around for Joe Biden to fix things.

Joe's probably incapable, so Williamson has decided to put the pressure on him already.

She plans to start in New Hampshire. She said:

New Hampshire is an important state and I had a wonderful time there when I ran before. I felt a deep connection to my New Hampshire supporters and I’m going back in a few weeks to connect with some old friends as well as new ones. I won’t be doing any public talks, but I’ll be on the ground talking to people and it will help me make a more informed decision.